About Us

All freight companies are the same - aren't they?

Well we dont think so and we deal with enough of them to know.

The problem with most freight companies is that they just talk about trucks, planes, and transit times. Oh, and their years of experience, their countless overseas offices, and their supposedly great customer service.

Yes sure, some of those things are important, but what makes a company really tick?

What makes the difference between feeling a company is really on your side and there for you, no we mean really there for you ,and the feeling of being let down yet again.

We think it can be summed up as follows:

Care, Commitment, Honesty, Longevity and Respect.

These aren’t just words, these are our core values. They say who we are, and how we provide what we do. In fact, we only employ people who share these values!

But why are our values so important to us?

Well it’s simple – it’s because our values drive our decisions within our business on a daily basis.

Sure, we’re great at keeping people’s freight moving and delivering on our promises but it’s the people, our people, and our values that really make the difference.

But don’t take our word for it call or email us today to find out why the way we feel and act about what we do really makes us different.

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