Customer Comments

We regularly canvas our customers for feedback on how we are performing. The following are verbatim comments made by our customers in our most recent survey. We choose not to include names and company details, but should you wish to check the veracity of these comments we will be happy to oblige. Both good and bad are included below to provide balance.

“You follow through”
“We think you are wonderful”
“You really have learnt about our business – you have our trust”
“You are doing a good job. Excellent.”
“You do exactly what I need”
“You are reassuringly pedantic”  
(we were very pleased with this comment as it showed our attention to detail).
“Quotes aren’t quick enough, I don’t care how busy you are I just want my quote.”
“Everything is good enough – All honky dorey and have no complaints”
“You should bill less for deferment usage.”
“Always offer fair price backed with good service – no need to shop around”
“Always keep me informed and give an all round good service.”
“The amount of years we have used Allenco says a lot. You are professional.”
“I am more than happy with everything you do.”
“Great service – always offer help when needed and always do good background work with jobs.”
“Allenco have everything in hand – if something goes wrong you keep me informed.”
“Invoicing could be quicker, but overall very happy.”
“We find Allenco efficient, fair, and responsive.”
“Since we committed all of our business to you, things run even more smoothly.”
“We find your service brilliant and will use you more as a result.”
“You save us so much time & hassle and that helps us in many ways.”
“Allenco are an excellent company to work with and the fact that you go above and beyond the norm has always been noted and appreciated. Since we started trading with you about 10 years ago, we have had no cause to consider even looking elsewhere.”
“It would be difficult to improve on what you do. You do everything in your power to avoid problems.”
“On imports, once an order is ready you have a good system, you take care of what needs to be done and you keep us informed. “
“You respond quickly and are attentive to our needs.”
“You have detailed knowledge, and you are courteous, friendly, and professional.”
“We love working with you and you make this part of our job pleasant.”
“Emails need to be brief and to the point – don’t tell me why you can’t do things, tell me why you can.”