Sea Freight

Allenco: We'll sea you strait. (OK enough of the puns)

Full loads, part loads, ro/ro, out of gauge? Allenco has every alternative method of shipping covered.

Literally every day of every year countless shipments move under the careful stewardship of Allenco making their way to end users around the globe.

Ships may be getting larger but the world's markets are more accessible than ever. With regular sailings to and from every continent the world has shrunk as markets have expanded.

Working with the worlds most recognised carriers and a partner network that spans the globe Allenco provides a truly global reach to every continent and every port.

Sea freight is more suited to larger shipments (1 M3+) that are not overly time sensitive or form part of a longer supply chain. Most 'standard' shipments move in either 20ft or 40ft containers and shippers will often design their shipments to best utilise those containers.

Whether you have full container or part container movements Allenco can guide you to the best way of getting your freight from A to B.

Need to know local documentation requirements? No problem, just ask one of our experienced staff and we will gladly help.

Not sure which incoterms should be shown on your invoice? Again just ask, a wealth of experience is readily available to you.

New to export or import? We are happy to answer all the questions you need to ask (and more).

Whatever your needs, regular or not, large or small, import or export, contact Allenco now for a free, no hassle quotation:
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Please get in touch and our Sea Freight experts will be pleased to help and answer all your questions.